Summer time baby!  2013
This is my favorite. A bride held on to this cake picture from a Martha Stewart magazine for 12 years, before any prospects of marriage even. this is why I love to make cakes for people.

This is my second favorite, you know its a labor of love when you hand paint the Serengeti sun set.
Lion King theme.
Does this cake say, "run to the river", it didn't have a fishy taste either.
Lady Liberty
woodland wedding cake
Rainbow Unicorn.
mysterious scrumptious.
For the grad.
Baby Curious George
Life is still colorful at 50.
A little wild and fun at 16
And beautiful at 21!
Sweet little family of owls, with a new on the way.
Nautical baby shower.
Do you prefer one elephant.......
Or two?
Or maybe you enjoy giraffes instead!
Mardi Gras baby!
Rosette wedding
Lacey cake

Racing to the birthday line.

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